Seahorse Holidays

New Caves

A new dive site opened at the end of 2004 has two caves. The first cave resembles a half cylinder. The second cave is a real cave filled with shrimps. 7 m. from the surface. The entrance of the cylindrical cave with 15-20m in diameter and 45 m. in depth is seen at 7 meters from the surface. After diving 10-12 m. from the right edge, the marvellous deep blue sea surrounds you. If you take the chance of making yo-yo and go up in the cave, you can feel the ice-cold water in your marrows, and you can see the stalactites down the cave ceiling. It is possible to dive 20-25 meters with the cave on your right, and to see the colourful soft corals, bristle worms, anthias, the parrotfish, and damselfish along the wall which goes down to 45 meters from the surface. After swimming around 70-80 meters, the second cave starts at 17 meters from the surface. It is a real cave that is not recommended to enter without a guide, torchlight is essential. The base is easily blurred as it is covered with residues. Two other small caves, located in the groove on the right side, are not suitable for diving. After entering the cave at 17 meters, you can see red cave shrimps while following the wall on the left. After going 25-30 meters inside, we turn back from the right side and go down to 20-22 meters before going back to the surface before the time-out. The dive is completed with the wall on the right side.