Seahorse Holidays


When you leave the port of Fethiye and proceed in the direction of the west, you will see the KIZILADA LIGHTHOUSE built at the end of the 1800s and still active. It is possible to anchor the boat in the bay at the east of the island or in the pier made by the new owners of the island. It is a good choice to have a glass of drink in the restaurant at the end of the dive to watch the sunset.

Diving Depth: 15-20m. Visibility: Although it changes depending on currents, it does not fall below 20-25 meters. Water Temperature: 20-27 C Diving Type: Reef
Before anchoring, divers jump from the boat at the southwest (in front of the lighthouse) of the island. The depth is 8-10 meters in the beginning. If the divers’ level is appropriate, you can go south again and reach the wall in 20 meters’ depth. You will find a cave full of shrimps at 30 meters when you go 10-15 meters towards the east. The cave is rather narrow, but two divers can dive at the same time. Thousands of shrimps in the cave offer a visual feast. If you’re lucky, you can see 35-40 kg male groupers here. After leaving the cave, you will see octopus’ nests in the first plain area. Female octopuses, who survived the pressure on the surface by going that deep, make dozens of nests in this region every season. When you go into a little shallower water, you will see another surprise; The amphitheatre: Due to the volcanic structure of the area, the magma was trapped and blocked here, creating a structure like a large Lyican theatre. White groupers and morays look at you under every seat. Then, you continue at the depth of 10-12 meters and reach the boat after 40-45 minutes. It is also possible to dive for the second time in the bay.

36 39’ 196 N
29 02’ 831 E